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Planning Fees

Researching Air, Cruise, and Custom Travel options can be time consuming.
Let us give you that time back!

  • Air Research Only

    Starting at $100

    Starting at $100

  • 83

    Cruise Research Only

    Starting at $150

    Starting at $150

  • Custom Travel Itinerary

    Starting at $75

    Starting at $75 Per Day Of Travel

  • Travel Medicine Consultation

    Starting at $50

    Starting at $50 Per Day Of Travel

Your Travel Planning Fee Includes

● Consultation and collaboration on the scope of the trip● Custom travel planning by your travel specialist● Review of your travel itinerary and modifications, as needed● Review of all necessary travel requirements● A full review of insurance protection options● Plenty of travel inspiration● 24/7 concierge travel assistance while you are traveling

Research to include, but not limited to: 

● Location
● Seasonal Availability
● Activities
● Local Customs & Cuisine
● Special Request

Design based on client-specific preferences:

● Flights, as required
● Transfers, as required
● Hotels/Villa per your comfort level
● Activities based on your preference, activity level, and experience level
● Cuisine to your taste
● Bespoke experiences
● Insurance, as needed

Support 24/7:

● Emergency 24/7 call for the entirety of your trip
● Emergency On-Site assistance, as needed and may be subject to additional charges

The Trip of a Lifetime Awaits You.
Are You Ready?